Publications (in choice)


  • of the information-service „Vergabe Spezial“ (publisher: B.L.F. Verlagsgesellschaft)
  • of the magazine „Vergabe Navigator“, published every two months by Bundesanzeiger Verlag

Regular author

e.g. in the periodicals

  • „BauR Online“ (construction law online)
  • „Behoerden Spiegel (public authorities newspaper)“
  • „Immobilien- & Baurecht (IBR) (real estate and construction law)“ and
  • „Vergaberecht (VgR) (Tendering law)“


  • „Vergaberecht und subjektiver Rechtsschutz“ (1998)
  • „Vergaberecht kompakt“, 8th edition (2019)
  • „E-Vergabe in der Praxis“ (2014)



  • the commentary of Byok/Jaeger „Kommentar zum GWB-Vergaberecht“, 4th edition (2018)
  • „Europarecht“ (Handbook of European Law), edited by Schulze/Zuleeg/Kadelbach, 5th edition (2018)
  • „Darmstaedter Baurechtshandbuch“, edited by Axel Wirth, 2nd edition (2005).

Numerous essays, articles etc.

in well-known periodicals (BauR, BauR Online, BB, JZ, NVwZ, WuW, ZfBR …)